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Our Mission

We support people so they realize their goals and dreams and become the best they can be.

Our Vision

People of all abilities are welcomed, involved and valued in our community.

Our Values

  • Individual Success – Supporting personal development, goals, choices and dreams.
  • Communication – Exchanging ideas, messages, and information that develop a common understanding.
  • Associate Learning and Satisfaction – Cultivating a culture of continuous learning by creating collaborative and mentoring relationships.
  • Respect – Building relationships that embrace differences and support an atmosphere of dignity and self-worth.
  • Excellence – Doing the right thing, first time and every time.
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CQL Accreditation

Accreditation through CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership provides human service organizations and systems a proven framework for quality monitoring and enhancement. It goes far beyond just an on-site review, encompassing an ongoing partnership where CQL and the agency collaborate to ensure that person-centered approaches are playing out not only in policy but especially in practice. CQL Accreditation integrates internationally-recognized and trademarked tools to ensure that organizations continually improve the quality of supports and the quality of people's lives, leading to the achievement of individually-defined outcomes by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health diagnoses, older adults, and children and youth.