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Incredible Angels

The Incredible Angels is a self-advocacy group that gives people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to speak up for themselves and their rights and discuss decisions that affect their lives. The group plans and organizes a number of fundraisers and social activities throughout the year.

There are three main components to the Incredible Angels meetings and activities:

  • An educational goal – Members meet to learn about advocacy and what it means for each person to speak up for what is important in his/her life. They learn the gift of contributing back to their community and how good it feels to be proud of whom they are as a person.
  • A human rights goal – Members learn how to take charge of their lives and how rights and responsibilities are an important part of learning and growing. They work on ways to overcome discrimination.
  • A social goal – They meet with their friends, plan activities and participate in events, often with self advocacy groups from other Arcs.

Members of the Incredible Angels also attend regional and statewide self advocacy conferences. In the past, members from the Arc of Steuben have served as a board member for the Self Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS). They also attend virtual conferences and workshops.

For more information about the Incredible Angels, contact Amy Payne at 607.622.1880.