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Who can I talk with?

The Arc of Steuben is dedicated to providing support to people with disabilities and their families. Our Parents' Network provides peer support to parents and other family members of children with developmental disabilities. These parents are available to listen to your concerns and to share experiences of the many changes that can be daunting to a parent of a child with a developmental disability. This is your link to a group of people who have walked many miles 'in your shoes' and can understand your fears, concerns, and frustrations. Parent Support is a free service, and is available to anyone in need of support.

Talk with Denece . . .


My name is Denece Gossie and I am the parent of a child with multiple handicapping conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Sturge Weber disease, seizure disorder, and microcephaly. My child also suffered a stroke and the resulting disabilities. My goal has always been to assist other parents of children with handicapping conditions as they move through the system to obtain the services needed for their child. In the past, I started the Special Education PTA (SPETA), and worked with specialists from Strong Health Center as a parent advocate for neurology as well as an adolescent behavior modification specialist. I find this very rewarding because I am able to take from my own experiences in order to help those who are starting the same journey. I am willing to help any parent who is faced with a disability diagnosis for their child and assist them in any way I can. It is my hope that by working together we can navigate this challenging journey with success. Please feel free to call me on my cell phone at 607-738-3430, home at 607-936-0126, or e-mail at

Talk with Mischelle . . .


My name is Mischelle Shattuck, and I am the parent of a child on the autism spectrum. I first became involved with the Arc of Steuben through a close friend, and I quickly became an active and involved member. My primary concern was for my son's future after he left school and the availability of supports for him. Now, as a member of the board of directors of the Arc of Steuben, I have learned of many services that were and still are available for my son, Jason, and others like him. As a result of many of these services, Jason's quality of life and social experiences have improved a tremendous amount. I am excited about the opportunity to extend help to any parents on their journey towards finding services for their children. It is my hope that we can work together to assist your family with all of the challenges that lie ahead. Please feel free to call me at 607-962-5366 or email me at

The Arc of Steuben was founded in 1964 by a group of parents of children with developmental disabilities. Today the Arc serves over 1,300 children and adults in Steuben county and offers a variety of services.