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Consolidated Supports & Services - Fiscal Management

Self Determination is an idea that came from people with developmental disabilities and their families.   They wanted more control over their supports and services.   Although there are many ways that a person can achieve self directed supports, 'Broker' services offered through the Arc of Steuben will support a person to achieve and maintain a self directed support network. 

Consolidated Supports and Services (CSS) is a self-directed service option. CSS empowers people with disabilities and their families to design and manage a CSS service plan based on their individual needs and goals. With assistance from a CSS Broker, a person with a developmental disability and his/her family are able to control their own individualized and portable budgets in order to hire and manage their own staff supports.

The broker helps the person who wants more control over, and choice in the supports and services received to increase self-direction of these services as much as the person wants to and is able. The broker will facilitate the person-centered planning process.  This includes helping the person develop a circle of support, develop a complete and approvable individualized plan and budget for services.  The broker will train and support the person to help him/her gain the skills he/she needs to: hire and supervise staff, document services, and complete other specific tasks related to getting the supports and services he/she wants.  A CSS broker supports the essence of community inclusion and because the CSS Plan is individually created, each CSS plan is as unique as the participant who designed it.

Fiscal Management Services

The Arc of Steuben will act as the fiscal and business agent for participants enrolled in the Consolidated Supports and Services (CSS) program. The participants will self-direct their services, hire their own staff and function as the “Managing Employees.” The Financial Management Service (FMS) functions as the official “Employer of Record.”

The primary role of the FMS is to pay for the supports and services identified in the participant’s approved CSS plan and budget.  Individuals must be enrolled in the OPWDD HSBC Waiver in order to be eligible for the Consolidated Supports and Services program.