Arc Associates



Clinical and Rehabilitative Enhancement Services

The Arc of Steuben provides clinical services through our Clinical and Rehabilitative Enhancement Services clinic. CARE Services serves adult patients with developmental disabilities, who historically have had difficulty accessing health care.  

Our Services

Occupational Therapy -- Provides skills assessments and treatment to improve the performance of daily living tasks. Adaptive equipment recommendations are provided for the home and job site with training for the individual and caregiver.

Speech-Language Therapy -- Helps maximize communication skills. This includes articulation, voice, oromotor and auditory training, and individual and caregiver training in the use of alternative communication techniques and devices.

Psychology -- Provides testing, examinations, guardianship evaluations, and counseling by a licensed psychologist.

Psychiatry -- Provides interviews, evaluations, and medication management by a licensed psychiatrist.

Social Work -- Provides evaluation and routine counseling.