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Arc of Steuben teams up with Arcs across state for It Matters to Me campaign


The Arc of Steuben is proud to join with Arcs across New York State in the It Matters to Me campaign.

It Matters to Me is a grassroots campaign aimed at educating legislators and the general public on the issues facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DDs), including autism, and the agencies like the Arc of Steuben that provide services and programs for them.

The campaign is focused on four areas that impact people with I/DDs:


  • Offering employment choice and opportunities through the preservation of sheltered workshops
  • Paying a fair wage to the professionals working directly with people with I/DDs, our Direct Support Professionals
  • Providing new residential and day hab opportunities
  • Protecting preschool programs for children with I/DDs


Next month, representatives from the Arcs of Steuben, Chemung, Schuyler and Yates will meet with Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and State Sen. Tom O'Mara to discuss the challenges facing organizations like ours and what state officials can do to help protect their most vulnerable constituents.

If your life has been touched by a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities, your help is crucial. Click here for a letter template to our legislators that you can personalize with your own story about how people with intellectual and developmental disabilities matter to you. A fact sheet outlining the areas we are focusing on is also available here.

Our governor and local legislators need to hear from you. Together, we can become a voice so powerful it can't be ignored. Together, we must stand up and declare "It Matters to Me."

Arc of Steube recognized for

Direct Support Professional training program

The Arc of Steuben was recently awarded the Bottom Line Award by Relias Learning.

The agency received the award for the development of a Direct Support Professional (DSP) training plan on Relias Learning. The Arc of Steuben had been using the College of Direct Support for its online DSP training. According to Sara DeFilipps, director of human resources for the Arc of Steuben, switching to Relias Learning has saved the agency more than $100,000 annually while simultaneously increasing the training options available to associates who work directly with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, supported by the Arc of Steuben.

The new training plan was developed by a committee that spent close to a year reviewing courses on Relias and creating a comprehensive plan for DSPs.

Upon completing the training plan, DSPs will have more than 100 credit hours of training certified by the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) and will be eligible to be certified by the NADSP.

All DSPs employed by the Arc of Steuben undergo training that includes both online and live classes.

Relias Learning offers online training to senior care, health and human services, public safety, and intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations. Its mission is to help clients achieve the highest quality practice and accreditation standards with online learning and compliance programs.

“It is very important to our agency that our DSPs receive the best training available for supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Bob Recotta, community relations coordinator. “Partnering with Relias Learning has allowed the Arc of Steuben to save a substantial amount of money while ensuring that we have the best-trained Direct Support Professionals in Steuben County.”

The Arc of Steuben began incorporating online learning through Relias in 2012. The agency employs 220 DSPs.

Adsit, Elm and Pearl Team named

Team of the Quarter

The Adsit, Elm and Pearl Street team of Lisa Bryan, Dawn Grosstephen, Khristi Pfaff, Ashley Spencer, Kristy French, Deb Staffieri, Lynn Sylyma, Bridget Cotter, Sade Nelson, Barb Contente, Taylor Richardson, Teresa Hall, Alicia Twitchell, Naomi Clark, Alan Schultheis and Sarah Ogden was named the Arc of Steuben's Team of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2015.

In the nomination letter, written by Khristi Pfaff, the team is commended for its closeness, ability to work together to solve problems and their passion for putting people supported by the Arc of Steuben first.

Khristi said the team members are willing to work together on tasks such as billing, schedules and making sure the people supported by the agency are taken to all medical appointments.

"Without hesitation we assist wherever it's needed most," Khristi's letter said. "This team exemplifies 'People First' each and every day. It's a true reflection of dedication and commitment every day."

Also nominated for Team of the Quarter honors was the Geneva Street team of Dawn DeBock, Jeff Baroody, Rodney Pragle, Eve Freeborn, Liz Lyzwa, Katelynd Kennard, Michelle Decker, Veronica Conrad, Tim Wright, Brandon Miller, Tracey Cagle, Jennifer Martin, Taylor Tompkins, Rachel Parker, Jen Mulcahy, Sue Pietrzak, Staci Mills, Darline Culbertson, Katie Learn, Bona Elliott, Dennis Nichols and Sharon Saker. 

Miller named October

Associate of the Month


Brandon Miller was named the Arc of Steuben's Associate of the Month for October. 

Brandon, of Bath, serves as a Maintenance Specialist. He was nominated for his many efforts, both great and small, to support both the people served by the Arc of Steuben and associates of the agency.

The acts of kindness Brandon was cited for in his nomination letter included working with a resident of the Geneva Street home to make the gentleman's workbench sturdier, giving an unused cell phone to another person supported by the agency and attending a birthday party thrown for one of the Geneva Street residents.

"Brandon has been a great role model and has shown the guys here so much care and compassion," said Bona Elliott in her nomination letter. "We are extremely grateful to have him working here with us."

Also nominated for the October Associate of the Month honors was Khristi Pfaff, of Hornell. Khristi works as a Direct Support Professional at the agency's Adsit, Elm and Pearl Street homes.

NEW LENDING LIBRARY is Searchable and User Friendly!          

 The complete catalog for the Arc of Steuben’s Lending Library is now on the website.  The library is searchable by category, with the categories listed on Books_small.jpgthe page.  You can also use the Search field to search by title, author, topic or type of media (book, cd, dvd, game, etc.).

 To use the library catalog select the Resources menu above and click on Lending Library, or click here.

Sarah is provided with a variety of interesting activities throughout the year. Sarah seems generally happy and content. ”