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Arc of Steuben kicks off

2015 Membership Campaign


Are you looking for a way to show your support for people in your community with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including Autism? Consider becoming a member of the Arc of Steuben.

Your membership helps the Arc of Steuben provide programs and services for more than 1,000 people in Steuben County and surrounding areas. It also helps the agency's advocacy efforts by showing legislators in both Albany and Washington, D.C., that there are thousands of people standing with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Becoming a member is inexpensive. For a one-year membership, it's only $1 for associates, family members of associates, people served by the Arc of Steuben and family members of those served by the agency. For members of the community, membership is only $5 for one year.

A lifetime membership is $50. We are also running a two-for-one special on lifetime memberships. For every paid lifetime membership, you also receive a lifetime membership you can give to a family member or friend.

Please consider partnering with the Arc of Steuben. Simply click here for a membership form. Fill out this form and return it to:

Arc of Steuben

One Arc Way

Bath, New York 14810

Completed membership forms can also be emailed to Bob Recotta at brecotta@arcofsteuben.org.

Thank you very much for making a difference in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in your community.

Lisa Bryan named June

Associate of the Month


Lisa Bryan, Residence Coordinator, was named the Associate of the Month for June. Lisa, of Hornell, was nominated because of her attention to detail. Not only does she make sure the needs of the people served by the Arc of Steuben at the Adsit, Elm and Pearl Street homes are met, she also displays fiscal responsibility.

"Over the years, Lisa has repeatedly demonstrated her abilities to organize, facilitate and execute necessary processes and paperwork in order to maintain clean and accurate records, balances and statements, as well as her capabilities when it comes to keeping residences running smoothly," said Jessia Howe, who, along with Brenda Dueck, nominated Lisa for the honor.

"She has been a positive encouragement to those who have worked closely with her and it shows in the work received from them as well," Jessica said. "Lisa has reached out to other residences to help the staff when needed, and her heart for the agency and the people we support shines through it all."

Also nominated for Associate of the Month for June was Chuck Scotchmer, who is employed as Maintenance Specialist.

Chuck, of Pulteney, was nominated for his work ethic in keeping the agency's Wayland home in good repair.

A visit with dolphins becomes

a life-changing experience


A wish come true resulted in a life-changing experience for Delilah Davis.

Delilah, who lives in the Arc of Steuben's Wayland residence, revealed during her person-centered planning that she has always wanted to have a close encounter with dolphins, Darla Naples, her Medicaid Service Coordinator, set the wheels in motion to make Delilah's wish come true.

Darla submitted a wish request through the Arc of Steuben's Arc Star Wish program. Delilah's wish was approved and she, Darla and Delilah's husband took a trip to MarineLand. She not only got to see the park's dolphin show, but also was the volunteer picked out of the audience to participate in the show. She also got to feed and pet the dolphins after the show ended.

That experience had a profound impact on Delilah.

In order to be able to go on the trip, Delilah had to improve her health. She attended extra dialysis sessions and altered her diet in order to make her wish come true.

Delilah did not return to her old habits, however, after the trip was over. She's continued her dialysis and has changed her eating habits. As a result she's lost more than 40 pounds. She's also using her CPAP at night.

"There is a big difference between now and when I went to Niagara Falls," Davis said. "I'm proud of that."

Delilah's story is just one example of how donations to the Arc of Steuben Foundation change lives through the Arc Star Wish program. The programs provides the opportunity for people served by the Arc of Steuben to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

The wish program also pays for medical equipment not covered by insurance.

West Street Relocation Team

named Arc of Steuben

Team of the Quarter

The West Street Relocation Team of Kaitlin Alfred, Billy Doell, Glenn Forsythe, Brad Longwell, Larry Reed, Dennis Nichols, Julie Ormsby, Kristin Vance, Ray Lecceardone, Mary K Beaver, Vicki Huels, Lesa Didas, Amy Payne and Karen Andrus was named the Arc of Steuben's Team of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2015.

The team was nominated because its quick action prevented a potentially dangerous situation. In the early morning of Jan. 17 the alarm at the West Street residence went off. An investigation revealed it was the house's carbon monoxide detector. The Direct Service Professionals (DSPs) on duty called 911 and began evacuating the home.

The residents and DSPs on duty were assessed for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning by EMTs. When one of the staff was diagnosed with needing oxygen the other DSP on duty began making the necessary phone calls to the gas company and Arc of Steuben personnel.

The staff member was informed the residents of the home would not be able to stay in the house. At that point associates began the process of making arrangements to relocate the residents to other Arc of Steuben homes.

Fortunately the house was cleared and declared safe for re-entry shortly after the relocation planning process began. One associate and one resident of the home were taken to the emergecy room for follow-up care. As the residents began re-entering, associates made sure everybody was calm and taken care of before the residents returned to bed. Additional staff members were called in to cover for the associate who was taken to the hospital.

On the following Monday the Arc of Steuben staff discussed what actions needed to be taken to prevent the situation from happening again. Members of the Facilities team replaced the hot water tank that had created the issue.

Also nominated were the Wellness Committee, for the planning and execution of the agency's annual Wellness Fair, and the Facilities Department, for shoveling off the roof of the Industrial Park facility after it was determined the building was in danger of sustaining structural damage due to the weight of the snow.


Arc of Steuben becomes the only agency in Steuben County to receive CQL accreditation

The Arc of Steuben has received accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL). The accreditation runs through 2018.

CQL has been the preeminent organization for more than 40 years in defining, measuring and improving the quality of life for all people, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Arc of Steuben becomes the only human services agency within Steuben County to receive the CQL Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation. Only 28 agencies in New York State have received this prestigious accreditation.

The person-centered philosophy championed by CQL and embracede by the Arc of Steuben places the people receiving services in control. The programs and services they participate in are not dictated by what others think is best for them. With guidance from their Circle of Support, the people with intellectual and developmental disabilities make decisions based on their interests, passions, dreams and desires.

"Accreditation establishes a partnership with an organization with more than 40 years of leadership and peer-reviewed research focused on increasing people's quality of life," said Jean Jensen, the Arc of Steuben's Chief Strategy Officer.

As part of the accreditation process, the Arc of Steuben undertook a top-to-bottom evaluation to determine how well the agency conformed to CQL's standards for person-centeredness.

The agency also held a two-day intensive series of meetings that included members of the leadership team, associates from different departments throughout the agency, members of the board of directors and people who receive services from the organization. The group examined what the agency does well, areas it could improve and specific steps to enact these improvements.

Arc of Steuben Executive Director Bernie Burns said the evaluation techniques that were part of the CQL accreditation process give the Arc of Steuben another set of tools in the agency's quest for continuous improvement.

We at the Arc are committed to the people we support," Bernie said. "With the assistance of CQL, we now know how we can get better at what we do."

NEW LENDING LIBRARY is Searchable and User Friendly!          

 The complete catalog for the Arc of Steuben’s Lending Library is now on the website.  The library is searchable by category, with the categories listed on Books_small.jpgthe page.  You can also use the Search field to search by title, author, topic or type of media (book, cd, dvd, game, etc.).

 To use the library catalog select the Resources menu above and click on Lending Library, or click here.

Sarah is provided with a variety of interesting activities throughout the year. Sarah seems generally happy and content. ”